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Deeply rooted in combating climate change and crafting sustainable products, this Home and Kitchen Brand is nothing like its counterparts. While most of the world is selling plastic or paper products, it has managed to take the market by storm with its 100% organic and biodegradable products to become a leader in the UAE. Today, it’s become a household name, setting an example for making the planet safer by reducing carbon footprint. We can proudly say that GrowithAmazon has been able to partner with such a prestigious brand that not only aims to generate revenue but is here to make a difference.


The client aimed to drive maximum sales and ensure customers choose a safer option with every purchase.


When we got them on-board, we observed though they have a strong presence offline, in the UAE, however, they were yet to create a breakthrough in the dense matrix of Amazon. The Health and Household category is expansive with stiff competition; our biggest challenge was to make customers aware of products made of bagasse and corn-starch. We started brainstorming thoroughly, studying each aspect from the product, and marketplace, to the industry. From drafting extensive Audits, listings, A plus Content, and Store to crafting its first visibility, GrowithAmazon has truly done its magic.

Strategizing it right

Let’s give you a comprehensive breakdown of how we showed them the road to success!

  1. Product Listings Optimization – Now retail-ready!

Our Product listing experts etched the product-detail page by first fetching out relevant keywords using their prowess and advanced tools high in search volume and trending, for higher searchability. From titles, highlighting key Usp’s in targeted bullet points to creating descriptions, it’s not only detailed but easy-to-read. 

  1. The mystery of the wow-factor Storefront –

No one likes basic listings, a visually appealing A plus Content to Store can add the ‘extra’ in the ordinary product detail page. We carefully selected its colour scheme, banner, and layout that not only matches the brand’s look and feel but also appeals to the customer. Within the ‘Home page’ itself, we have seamlessly shown each product using images and videos allowing customers to look through the entire catalogue in just a sitting.

They, also sell different crockery like plates, salad bowls and also trash bags, so we segregated each category and crafted different tabs incorporating high-quality product images and infographics that immerse them in a buying wonderland enticing the to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button.

  1. Amazon Advertising – Say yes to profit today!

We never use ‘one-strategy works for all methods’, our PPC specialist used a unique way to not only boost visibility, drive traffic or generate sales but also achieve long-term customer loyalty and a positive brand image.

Customised Sponsored Brands campaigns!

Products made of paper, plastic, and bamboo had already created a niche on Amazon, but introducing customers to a safer product crafted of bagasse and corn-starch-made ones was a new concept. We began by creating Sponsored brand campaigns using, various carousels, and videos to generate initial awareness about ‘who we are’ and ‘what we sell’!

Automatic campaigns used like never before -

Our trick was to use the Catch-All campaign with low bid will help us find new keywords or gain more visibility leading way to initial conversion rates.

We beat the competitor – Check mate

Utilizing the defensive targeting, we targeted our products within the campaign, not allowing any other products from competitors to be shown on the product detail page. Hence, the customers have only one option to buy from.


Within a few months, Growithamazon has been able to create a difference. From zero visibility this brand is now present right at top of the Search-resut-page of Amazon UAE. Despite the stiff competition and multiple obstacles like price point, negligible ratings and reviews, and no presence, we have been able to drive 4X growth.

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