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Welcome to the streamlined future of your Amazon business with GrowithAmazon’s cutting-edge virtual assistant. Our process is designed to seamlessly integrate with your operations, providing an intelligent and efficient solution to enhance every facet of your Amazon venture.

Our complete Amazon SEO and ranking solutions are intended for businesses that want to grow organically on Amazon. Throughout this process page, we’ll explain how we’ve helped clients build 7-figure Amazon brands and others grow 400-2,800% per year through ROI-focused organic ranking campaigns. If you have any questions about this process or the partner application process, please contact us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

To begin, we’ll mention a few of our case studies and outcomes, more of which can be seen.

A consistently effective Amazon SEO service.


Based on an increase in organic sales within the Amazon A9 algorithm, our primary objective with our Amazon ranking solutions is to generate a 10X ROI in 6–12 months. New brands and products may take a little longer to develop, but if they are of high quality and have strong branding, reviews, and processes in place, they may expand very quickly.

We operate according to each ASIN (parent listing). putting into practise a granular ranking solution for each batch or group of chosen keywords. The proposal contains a detailed explanation of the keyword selection procedure, but in essence, we start by estimating the sales you can expect to generate from each keyword given your current rankings. This enables us to set the most efficient and effective targets, giving you the fastest profit growth and most durable results. It also enables us to compare your current situation directly to the potential sales you could reach when each keyword gains a ranking increase.


From brand to brand, the overall campaign process varies. While our internal team creates each strategy specifically for the brand, there are some fundamental strategies and systems that apply to all brands.

Analysis Of Your Listings & USPs

Simply taking a close look at your listings, selling points, and any specific target audience goals you may have constitutes the first stage. This enables us to develop a tailored strategy on how to improve your rankings and profits by giving us a thorough understanding of your products and goals. In this phase, a fully dated project management campaign is also created so that you can see the outcomes we will achieve at each stage.

Advanced Keyword Research

This is the most important step of any optimization campaign, as was already mentioned. We look for the rankings and keywords that will produce the best outcomes for you over the long and short terms. We can determine the number of sales each keyword is expected to bring in based on your current rankings, which enables us to focus on particular keywords and positions to bring you the fastest and most dependable long-term growth. We can do this better than anyone else thanks to a number of internal software tools and self-built systems.

Amazon On-Page Optimisation

The on-page optimization of each individual product listing on the Amazon account is the focus of this stage, which makes the most of each of the elements listed below to increase conversions.

  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Title creation
  • Bullet Point Optimisation
  • Description Writing
  • Search term creation.


The more sales you can generate in a specific time frame, the higher your product will rank in Amazon’s A9 Algorithm’s organic rankings, which are directly correlated to sales. One of the aspects that Amazon changed in 2017 and cost sellers millions in lost revenue, yet people still use this technique, sales with a discount greater than 20% do not increase organic rankings. I believe that this does far more damage the equity of your brand than the straightforward monetary loss.

Timing Is Key

In the end, how these keyword-focused sales are timed will determine where products rank. For certain terms, timing sales over a 5–15 day period can significantly improve organic rankings. You can quickly and effectively improve the overall rankings and, consequently, the revenue of a brand by implementing this for multiple keywords, across multiple ASINs of a brand.

Guaranteed Ranking Increases

We are the only Amazon ranking service that can 100% guarantee a ranking increase thanks to our in-house methodology and specially created research tools. The initial ranking increases will always be successful, even though your ability to maintain these rankings will depend on factors like reviews and your product listing optimization. If you have any doubts about whether your rankings will “stick,” please get in touch with us using the form below to talk about how we can optimize your listings to support you in maintaining ranking gains and even expanding over time.


The detailed overview of each campaign’s components given above is important, but the core Amazon marketing campaign is dependent on a system we developed internally and named “RANK.”

The method we’ve created, called RANK, guarantees results each and every time. It was tested, improved, and streamed over the course of the last two years to determine rankings on Amazon.

It’s crucial to devote the majority of your resources to boosting these organic rankings because organic search generates the majority of Amazon businesses’ profits.

A9 is the name of the algorithm that controls all organic rankings on Amazon. This algorithm differs from many others, but we’ve done extensive research on it and have an industry-leading content piece on it. A9, in essence, differs greatly from Google, Youtube, and other search algorithms. It is therefore very challenging to analyze and manipulate.

We’ve developed our RANK methodology using this research and years of due diligence. In essence, we’ve successfully ranked 300+ products on Amazon over the past two years using this guaranteed ranking solution for Amazon sellers. The only difference between us and other Amazon consultants in terms of results is that our strategy is entirely based on our extensive research in the Amazon SEO fields, which has allowed us to discover which techniques actually genuinely drive results and which are merely a myth.

2 main steps in the RANK process

Stage 1 – Keyword Research, Competition Analysis & Listing Optimisation

This phase includes all of the work that goes into creating a listing, often known as on-page optimization or copywriting.

It also comprises all tasks that must be finished before a product can begin to sell on Amazon. No matter how many times the stock has been launched on Amazon, we still finish the on-page optimization component whether you generate zero sales per month or 100,000+. We currently optimize the listings in accordance with Amazon’s algorithm for conversions. This is how we go about it.

Keywords Research – Keyword research is the first step in every optimization effort that is successful. This involves selecting the long- and short-term keywords for which we aim to rank on Amazon’s search engine. Long-term profitability will increase with increased keyword competition, but initial ranking will become more challenging.

We begin with a method known as common sense. Simply analyzing potential keywords for a certain product is all that is required. With almost ten years of expertise, the organization is already accustomed to conducting keyword research. When we run out of concepts, we go on to the next round of keyword research.

The Google Keyword Planner is next. This piece of software uses seed terms to produce keyword suggestions. With the help of Google’s tool, we may generate hundreds of permutations of the seed keywords from the method above as well as other keyword suggestions that might not have been considered in the first stage. The most intelligent tool is the Google keyword planner. Although it is not directly related to Amazon, we may obtain rather precise information about monthly search volumes within Amazon during the last stage of keyword research.

We currently have a sizable sample of keywords associated with your product (s). Using a custom keyword research tool that we developed in-house is the last step in the keyword research process. This tool extracts information straight from Amazon and applies semantic analysis to these terms to generate variations that are not accessible by just typing different variations into Amazon.

Depending on the campaign, we typically have between 50 and 500 keywords by the time we finish the keyword research phase, which we can utilize for both the listing optimization and the PPC (pay-per-click) campaign that will follow.

Product Listing Optimisation – The product listings’ optimization is stage second step. Of course, doing this will ensure that you rank for the right keywords once the campaign moves on to the next phase, which will ensure long-term Amazon revenues.

Our optimization process goes like this:

In order to optimize an Amazon listing, you must use your keywords and copy in a way that will both help you rank highly on Amazon and attract customers.

In order to optimize keywords, we do the following:

  • Title – The most necessary area to use your main keywords is in the title. We want to create listing titles that both grab consumers’ attention and include a lot of our main keywords.
  • Bullet Points – For copy, the bullet points are important. Many Amazon consultants neglect this crucial component. We draw guidelines from specialists because we have written advertisements for more than 5 years. The goal is to create bullet points that are primarily for consumers while also including our keywords without degrading readability or conversion rates.
  • Search Terms – Next to the title, the listing’s search terms should be optimized for a limited number of profitable keywords associated with your product.
  • Description – Where we can use keywords more freely is in the product description. 90% of Amazon customers skim the product descriptions. And 80% of people base their purchase decisions on the product’s pricing, photos, and reviews. This means that we should create these descriptions with the remaining 5% in mind, focusing more on the history of the company while liberally using all of the keywords we still need to add to the listing.
  • Benefit-Driven Images – Images known as BDIs display a product’s highlighted benefits right there in the image. When properly applied, this increases conversions by about 30% in almost every situation. This is a fairly easy strategy to use, and since more than 90% of customers don’t read an Amazon description in its entirety, we should try to convey as many favourable product attributes in the photographs itself.
  • Copywriting – Having the appropriate type of copy is another core part of an Amazon listing that converts well. We construct the listings using the philosophy of “copy first, optimization second.” increasing the proportion of visitors to your listing who make a purchase.

Competition Analysis – Analyzing the competitors to reverse engineer profitability is another pre-launch component (as well as time to rank). To evaluate the competition and determine whether there is a sizable market for our keywords, we use tools like Helium 10.


After the listing has been optimised, we need fulfilled the second and most challenging component of Amazon’s ranking algorithm, which is producing actual sales that are connected to your main keywords. These KWFS serve as trust signals to Amazon, indicating the precise keywords that this product should be ranking for, as was previously described on this page.

In order to leverage the single most important Amazon ranking criteria, keyword-focused sales must be made (full priced, real sales through organic search).

You can see a full range of our KWFS results and case studies on this page.

You can also just buy rankings for your products if you’d like to take advantage of our unrivalled Amazon experience but don’t want to collaborate with us in other ways. This will free up your time and attention so you can concentrate on other things while the revenue from your Amazon products keeps increasing.

Please feel free to contact us using the form below if you are a more serious prospect looking to work with us and have any queries.