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200% sales and 3x return ROAS

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200% sales and 3x return ROAS


A renowned name in the Home and Kitchen category in the European market, this luxury kitchen utensil manufacturer and supplier brand has been a market-leader for the past 13 years and above.

Launched in 2011, it takes pride in manufacturing premium kitchen utensils that are a symbol of both class and reliability. Despite the stiff competition, they have crafted a niche with their high-quality products, competitive pricing strategy, and impeccable style.

Keep your cooking dream; it’s not only timeless but also easy to use. GrowithAmazon can proudly say that it partnered with such a well-renowned brand, guiding them through the world of Amazon to show who they truly are.


The client aimed to establish a strong presence in the e-commerce space, driving sales and customer loyalty.


Zero Presence on Amazon: Despite a strong offline presence, they were yet to make a mark in the online world. The clients had limited knowledge about how Amazon works or the complexity of its algorithm, making it arduous to navigate its various aspects.

Stiff Competition on Amazon: The Household and Kitchen category already had numerous competitors, making it challenging to stand out and sell utensils effectively.

Strategizing it right

One Agency, Many Solutions!

As they were just entering the Amazon marketplace, we conducted an in-depth analysis of every aspect. We began with Brand Registry, followed by creating product listings, a storefront, and A+ content from scratch.

Product Listings Done Right

In Amazon, the product detail page is crucial for better searchability. We added rich keywords that best describe the product features and functionality. Crafting brand awareness was vital, so we incorporated relevant keywords in titles, bullet points, and descriptions to ensure our products appeared on the first page of the Amazon SERP (Search Result Page). Our content experts meticulously created titles, product descriptions, and bullet points that provided specific details, improving customer purchase decisions.

Product Pricing Like Never Before

We set competitive prices that matched the market price point while ensuring profitability.

The Magic of Sponsored Campaigns

We initiated the sales journey with automated campaigns. As we gained momentum, we created Sponsored Brand Ads to drive more traffic to our catalogue. Our PPC specialists targeted the audience based on demographics and purchase behaviour using Sponsored Display Ads to generate sales on and off Amazon.


With careful planning and tactical implementation, we achieved a whopping 200% sales growth through Sponsored Ads and a 3x return on ad spend (ROAS) in both organic and paid mediums. From zero visibility, we built customer trust. By combining SEO techniques and ad solutions, this brand quickly became a sought-after choice for customers in the UAE marketplace.

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