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Sales Growth over 156% MOM

SMB Growth Story

Sales Growth over 156% MOM


A local high quality brand selling safety equipments, based out of a wholesale market in Dubai, they have been selling on Amazon for over 1.5 years however faced issues with poor quality listings, staff dependency, low online sales etc


The company had an inhouse staff managing Amazon listings, however the results were not to be seen. The staff was multitasking and had only hands on experience on Amazon. All the listings were under the “Generic” category leading to poor product visibility. Additionally the issue was their brand items getting sold on Amazon without their permission.

The primary challenge for the company was lack of in-house expertise to scale and manage their Amazon store.


Provide consultancy & roadmap to launch multi channel ecommerce stores on Amazon &

The main focus was to first do a brand registry on Amazon, Storefront setup & optimizing existing listings with higher visibility and also to create new EBC listings.

We rolled out a storefront on Amazon, also launched the store on Noon, packed with brand rich content and keywords under a fully managed account. Brand infringement case was raised with Amazon, and all non approved listings were removed.

We reviewed the best performing competition, collated as many keywords as possible and phrases crucial to increasing search volume and packed the listing with great EBC content & infographic images.


Amazon Choice “Helmet” on Amazon UAE within 6 weeks Conversion rate of over 35% on product listing. Sales Growth of over 156% MOM.

The Amazon & Noon stores were set up with over 150 Safety Products SKU’s , all created within 8 weeks including the Amazon storefront.

Many products reached page 1 on Amazon within 12 weeks of go-live. For highly competitive top keywords such as “Helmet”, the listings became Amazon Choice. Many other listings ranked in the top 10 organically for all such targeted keywords leading to receiving huge traffic on a regular basis.

In addition, the listing saw a massive conversion rate of 20-25% on an ongoing basis.

SMB Growth Story