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Sale Grow 2,00,000+ with is 6 month

Amazon account suspension

Sale Grow 2,00,000+ with is 6 month


An authorised “Technology Hardware” seller had an account suspension due to products being identified wrongly as “hazardous” and not as “hardware” products.


The Amazon store and a few times individual products were being regularly suppressed leading to uncertainty and loss of sale.

The seller was not able to understand the root cause for this as the Marketplace message although being clear didnot offer a probable resolution to the problem. The company had strong retail operations and also a good online sales which got frequently disrupted.

The challenge for the company was lack of in-house expertise in the ecommerce field specifically in the compliance with marketplace policies.


Understand the objections raised by Amazon. Connect with correct Amazon product managers handling the issue. Get a best alternative to have the listing under the preview of Amazon policies. Prepare a case for revoking of suspension on few of the products. Relisting a few products with content modifications to comply with Amazon policies.

Provide for Seller account management services for monitoring the account from any future suspensions and focus on aggressive sales improvement.


Account and Product Suspension gets revoked and provision for a long lasting policy compliant solution.

The Amazon account suspension was revoked within a week’s time and products were again allowed to be sold.

Staggering sales of AED 200,000 + reached in 6 months time.

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