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Launched New Brand - Amazon UAE

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Launched New Brand - Amazon UAE


One of the pioneered tech brands across the globe, it revolutionised the e-book category with its premium product lineup. Launched in the year 2009 with limited to no options for avid readers we aimed to make work fun and easily accessible. After immense handwork and trial and error, we were able to manufacture e-ink tablets that can compete with any Android tablet in the market. After observing most customers facing issues with eye -strains, Boox caters to students allowing them to read from 17 different e-book formats reducing strain from eyes. Each design is a true reflection of our commitment to sustainability- Enjoy every bit of your favorite stories.

This future-forward and innovative brand found it quite challenging as it was one of the most unique products to be launched in the UAE market. Unlike other e-learning books, it offered innumerable features however, they were selling at a steep price, thus limiting their audience. Bringing in product visibility for such a category required strategic visioning.


We did not limit the brand goal to just sales, taking it further our main objective was to launch the product correctly in the UAE marketplace and make sure all our products ran on the first page of Amazon.  


As the clients were not yet in UAE, we guided them through and through with the documentation, and account activation to regulate their trademark to maximise their sales on Amazon UAE.

Strategizing it right

It’s a dynamic play from understanding its nook and corner Our team of Amazon analysed the marketplace trend, product demand, and supply chain to ensure that we launch their products in the right category, guaranteeing our stronghold in Amazon right from the beginning.

Product listing optimisation at its best

We have created the product detail page right from scratch. From titles, and bullet points to descriptions, every portion matched the brand’s vision.

Seo-friendly keywords that convert

Conducting in-depth keyword research to find out the most relevant and profitable targets will push listings to the top-of-search result page. We strategically fused keywords not only within the product descriptions but also in the backend, making our planning complete.

Creative images – it's unique yet appealing!

As we are already selling such one-of-a-kind products, how can we keep base images? Our graphic design is not etched high-resolution images but a wonderland of infographics

Inventory and FBA shipment management – GrowithAmazon experts see to it that your inventory is stocked up to meet the daily needs of the customers – Don’t be under or over-stocked. Its crucial products reach timely to your customers in, we process the fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) shipment each product is delivered to the fulfilment warehouse and reaches the customer’s doorstep with ease.

What made our product lead on Amazon was we utilised defensive targeting, not letting any other product be showcased on our product detail page.

Robust Advertising

Without sound marketing, the product launch and structuring of listings become a failure. The main point we had in mind was that we should always show our products on the first page. While others use just Automatic campaigns, we tailor our strategies to craft Sponsored brand ads using the best of customised images, logos, and headlines attracting customers towards our product collection. Highlighting key product benefits, we saw a whopping jump in both visibility and sales right from the start.

Perfect product targeting

Going beyond the traditional ways to target top competitors, instead, we went on to target those products that have low ratings below 3 to drive traffic from their product age to our clients.


Despite the high-price range and with other Android options available, GrowithAmazon successfully launched the brand in the right category and was able to craft its niche.

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