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4X Sales Growth With Low ACoS

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4X Sales Growth With Low ACoS


Founded on the aim to transform every occasion into beautiful memories, this gifting brand is truly one-of-a-kind. Starting by selling just tea and coffee mugs, today it encompasses baby rompers, aprons, notebooks, and many others. From Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthdays, they ensure your loved ones always have a smile on their faces receiving such wonderful printed tokens of happiness. Boasting stylish prints, each product is a testimony to the meticulous craftsmanship earning them a special place in the hearts of the customers. GrowithAmazon has completely revolutionized its brand presence on Amazon – its truly magical!


The client aimed to craft their niche on Amazon and attract customers from different categories, improve sales and less spend and accelerate visibly on Amazon UAE.


Despite being present on Amazon and holding a multi-category product, they were unable to move their products off the shelf losing out on valuable capital. Incomplete product listings, trademark issues, no storefront, and lacking structure, it became increasingly difficult to win the hearts of customers and keep the online selling journey going.

Strategizing it right

Brand name – It’s unique, it’s yours!

Their brand name was completely wrong, and therefore, we made sure their brand name is correct uploaded, which is extremely crucial as its the company’s identity.

Brand Registry done right – Complex process now made easy!

We began with resolving trademark issues and applying for Brand Registry, ensuring no counterfeiters and levering advanced Amazon tools like Sponsored Brand, Display ads, live and vine.

Products listings – From zero to hero!

As Amazon experts, we know the importance of well-optimised product listings. Initially, we began by adding root keywords and high-trending terms (Keywords that match closely to the terms used by customers to actively search or products) within the titles, description, and bullet-points, ensuring maximum visibility. Going beyond basic listings, we also added lifestyle images that brought the product above.

Building a new storefront – As they are selling a plethora of products from mugs, rompers, aprons, notebooks, we created a dedicated Amazon storefront allowing customers to view the entire catalogue seamlessly. Firstly, Storefront specialists created separate pages and sub-pages for each type of product and category with unique banners for each.

Sponsored Ads special – Reaching a wider audience was our major goal as most customers had no knowledge of their existence on Amazon. Starting with Automated campaigns, visibility improved substantially.

Sponsored Brand ads - A complete game-changer!

Advertisers created ads targeting not only products but the store sub pages, ensuring each category receives maximum attention

What made our strategy so special was that on special days like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Prime seasons, we crafted separate ads targeting occasion-specific keywords, thus, pushing conversion rates to a new level.


You’ll be amazed if we tell you that from no sale at all within 6 months, we achieved the impossible. In December itself we saw a massive jump to 4X sales from PPC alone at low ACoS. With such brilliant results, They even received exclusive permissions from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars to use their customized prints on the products – Hard to believe right!

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