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A popular, premium F & B (nuts, dates, juices etc) distribution company based out of Dubai, were not selling on any online marketplace.


The company had a very strong retail presence in supermarkets across GCC, but had no experience in selling online.

With COVID19 creating uncertainty in physical store sales, the company management felt an urgent need to start selling their products online to counter the anticipated dip in retail sales.

The challenge for the company was a lack of in-house expertise in the e-commerce field in-store setup, operational management, sales & promotions.


Provide consultancy & roadmap to launch multi channel ecommerce stores on Amazon &

The main focus was to roll out a listing and Amazon & Noon store, packed with brand rich content and keywords under a fully managed account.

We did this by understanding the tone of voice, and collating imagery that presented the brand as close to their website as possible, all within a quick time frame.

In addition, we reviewed the best-performing competition, collated as many keywords as possible and phrases crucial to increasing search volume, and packed the listing with great content.


Top Ranking “Dates” on Amazon UAE within 6 weeks Conversion rate of over 23% on the product listing

The Amazon & Noon store was set up with listings for over 100 F & B SKUs created within 4 weeks.

Many products reached page 1 on Amazon within 12 weeks of go-live. For highly competitive top keywords such as “Dates”, the listings were ranked in the top 10 organically for all such targeted keywords leading to receiving huge traffic on a regular basis.

In addition, the listing saw a massive conversion rate of 20-25% on an ongoing basis.

omnichannel store setup