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How to Create a Amazon Seller Account in 2023

Opportunities to establish an online store by selling on Amazon expand as the company expands. (How to Create a Amazon Seller Account in 2023)

Low product costs, free or inexpensive shipping, and convenience were the primary factors that influenced 63% of consumers’ decisions to purchase online rather than in-store in 2022. By year’s end, 67% of customers had made the decision to purchase holiday presents on Amazon, and more than half of customers shop there once a week or more.

These patterns suggest that e-commerce business owners will have a very successful year in 2023. Nevertheless, you must first complete the Amazon seller registration process if you want to benefit from the tremendous opportunity that Amazon brings.

We’ll walk you through the new procedure to make sure your account is validated so you can start a profitable Amazon business.

Just following a few easy steps will allow you to How to Create a Amazon Seller Account in 2023

  • Go to and select “Register Today” from the menu.
  • Provide your contact information, including your legal business name, address, and phone number.
  • Choose your business category and provide your tax details (e.g., individual, partnership, corporation).
    • You can choose between the professional and individual selling plans on Amazon.


  • Provide your bank account information for Amazon to deposit your payments.
  • Make your seller profile, which should contain details about you and your company and the items you intend to sell on Amazon.
    • Amazon Selling Central Service
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.
  • Verify your identity by providing your phone number and a valid credit card.
  • You can begin listing your products on Amazon and controlling your sales as soon as your account is created.
  • Note that Amazon may require additional information or documentation depending on your business type and location. It’s also important to comply with Amazon’s policies and guidelines to avoid any account suspension or closure.

What are Amazon’s fees?

  • Amazon referral fees: These are the commissions charged by Amazon for selling on their platform. The percentage varies by category, ranging from 12-40%, with the majority of products being charged a 15% referral fee.

  • Individual seller fee: This is a fixed fee of $0.99 applied to each sale made, in addition to the referral fee. Sellers who opt for an individual seller account are the only ones required to pay this per-item fee, as opposed to a professional plan.

  • FBA fees: If you choose to use Amazon’s FBA program, you will be responsible for covering the shipping and handling costs incurred by Amazon.

  • Other Amazon fees: You may also be charged long-term inventory storage fees if you utilize Amazon FBA, media fees for items like books and DVDs, as well as advertising costs.

What else do you need to understand before you sell on Amazon?

Further fundamentals for selling on Amazon are provided below.

The Best Selling List on Amazon (BSR)
Each product on Amazon is assigned a Best Sellers Rank (BSR), which serves as a ranking system. The higher the BSR, the more popular the product is (and the more sales it generates).

Additionally, Amazon’s departments (also known as parent categories) and their sub-categories each have their own taxonomy of BSRs.

Using Amazon Prime to sell
Your goods will be eligible for Amazon Prime if you’re using Amazon’s FBA programmer and you have enough inventory to distribute throughout its fulfilment network.

Selling Prime, which guarantees that your products will be delivered to buyers within two to three days, is essential for success on Amazon.

Also, your listing will display the “Amazon Prime” logo, which increases the likelihood that your goods will sell. Consumers appreciate quick shipping.

But, you can still offer Prime as a Merchant Fulfilled Network seller if you’re selling FBM. But in order to accomplish that, you must enroll in Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime programmer.

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