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Suspended Amazon Account

Selling privileges are typically revoked for the following reasons, however Amazon never discloses them:

  • Your customer metrics are poor, i.e., poor performance (order defect rate, cancellation rate, late shipment rate, policy violations, on-time delivery, contact response time). If there is a disparity, Amazon notifies the store owners and requests that they fix it. Frequently, the suspension happens if the problem isn’t fixed.
  • Amazon selling policy violations.
  • violations of Amazon’s restrictions on certain goods.
  • Account suspension could result from including personal information in the description.
  • without obtaining consent from the image owner before adding copyrighted photographs (i.e., images that sellers did not take themselves) to an product page.
  • selling counterfeit goods with knowledge.
  • If a retailer creates multiple seller accounts without Amazon’s consent using the same person’s name or the name of the same company.

  • If Amazon discovers that the seller account is linked to another seller account that has already been suspended (for example, by sharing a company address, Social Security or Tax ID number, checking account number, or IP address with the seller who has already been suspended).

This is arguably the most perplexing question you will encounter if you are new to Amazon. It is important to note that the Seller Performance team at Amazon does not exhibit any mercy for the following reasons:

  • I’ll put forth more effort going forward.
  • I acknowledge that I made a mistake (but no explanation about why the mistake happened).
  • Though I’m unsure of what went wrong, I’ll try harder moving forward.

Whatever your motivations, Amazon will always want to know what exactly caused the issue. You’ll also need to describe all the efforts you’re doing to address the issue’s fundamental cause and prevent a recurrence, as well as what you’re doing to help the affected customers.

You must “Appeal” against the “Suspension” in order to regain access to your suspended store. You must be careful to observe the following guidelines while you accomplish this:

  • Use the official letterhead to write your appeal.
  • Include a statement about whether you manage your inventory feeds, etc., with an outsourced partner or a solutions integrator.
  • Decide what the problem was that caused your listings to be first suppressed.
  • Give a detailed description of all the quality procedures you currently use and those you want to start using soon to ensure a positive customer experience on your Amazon Store.
  • Keep an upbeat and formal attitude.

What we advise for all suspended sellers who are aware of their mistakes is to admit it and explain what efforts or measures you are taking to make things right immediately. The Seller Performance team at Amazon will undoubtedly demand a guarantee from you that you are sincere about fixing the issue so that it never comes up again.

We advise all suspended sellers who are unaware of the underlying source of the issue to state unequivocally that they do not comprehend the significance of the performance notification they received. It is advised to contact the seller performance team for further information. However, Amazon’s seller performance team frequently provides insufficient details to allow you to accurately diagnose a complex scenario. As a result, you will frequently have to make an educated guess as to the reason why you are receiving an Amazon notification. You will learn more about how other sellers have been resolving these challenges as you gain more experience as a seller and begin reading Amazon seller blogs.

It is usually important to be as specific as you can while writing a response. This can entail uttering phrases like:

  • To make sure that all shipments have ship-confirmation, we have engaged individuals whose primary task it is to double-check all outgoing shipments.
  • Because we lacked a dedicated resource with the responsibility of reviewing and acting upon the notifications submitted to us previously, we failed to respond to them. But as of right moment, the procedure has altered. In order to be in compliance with all requirements, we have engaged two staff members whose job it is to read notifications and make any necessary corrections right away.
  • We shipped the erroneous products to our clients as a result of our warehouse’s inadequate categorization procedure. The development of the cataloguing system has now been contracted out to consultants, and it will be finished in three weeks. Up until that time, we are reaching out to every consumer who received the incorrect products and offering them a complete refund as restitution.

Scan and include it with your response to the performance team if you have any supporting documentation for your requests for reconsideration.

Although you are free to challenge your suspension, there is no assurance that Amazon will grant your request.

It is doubtful that you will hear back from Amazon after sending an email to [email protected] unless they need additional information from you or don’t want to hear from you again.

It is therefore advisable to send a response that includes all of the justifications at once. Yes, without any human involvement from Amazon, it may initially feel like discussing the matter to a wall, but this is how Amazon works.

It is important to remember that seller performance teams occasionally make mistakes, therefore you should always have solid data to back up your assertions. If anything doesn’t seem right to you, attempt to figure out what might be going on before ruling out any potential causes. You must communicate with Amazon in a manner consistent with how they operate.

You undoubtedly have a long way to go before Amazon accepts you as an active seller on Amazon if you have been engaging in prohibited behaviour on the site. Therefore, it is essential to avoid all prohibited items in order to have a lengthy, successful, and hassle-free selling experience on Amazon.

Started with Amazon Seller Central Account

There are several self-service solutions available if you want to register as a seller on Amazon:

  • Visit Amazon Services. On this page, select the sell on Amazon or selling on Amazon link.
  • Please go to Click “Selling on Amazon” in the lower left corner.
  • On the Amazon homepage, click the sell button.

Whichever option you choose, the process will be the same once you start the registration process, thus it won’t really matter which one you pick.

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